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These are my suggestions on what the best fitting vehicles would be on most services. I am not predicting that these will happen, this is just my opinion on what types of buses should be allocated on what types of service.

X11- Just keep the X-Lines X9/10 and spares.
B1- Keep the Northern Versa.
ToonTour- Keep the open top Presidents (obvs)
AD122- Keep the Solo SR's but they should refurb the insides as they are getting a bit old.
X1- Def keep the Streetdeck MH 3 for now but in a few years they should upgrade to E400MMC.
X5,15- Keep the Streetdecks but maybe redo the seats into the 2018 red and blue leather as the plain blue ones still have the old logo on.
X6- Keep the Optare Solo SR.
X9,10- Keep the Elites but in a few years they should upgrade to better coaches.
X20- Get rid of the Citaros and upgarde to E200MMC.
X21- Upgrade to Streetdeck MH 3
X22- Keep using the spare X-Lines Gem 3
X30,1,2- Downgrade to Streetdeck MH 3, swap with X1.
X45,6,7- Keep the Streetdecks.
X66- Keep the Streetlites but rebrand as intu doesn't even own MetroCentre anymore. IMO they should bring back CentreLink.
X70,1,2- Keep the E400MMC.
X84,5- Keep the E400MMC.
1A,B- Keep the Gems but refurb them with the red seats and also get a new livery as the current one is getting a bit old.
2, 2A- Keep the Streetlites but get a new livery.
4- Get the citaros from X20 as they have the leather insides, and repaint the current ones into 2019 FL.
5,5A- I dont really know just keep whatever they have rn.
6,6A- Keep the citaros.
8,8A- Keep the streetlites.
9- Upgrade back to citaros but dont have a brand just 2019 FL.
10,10A,10B,10X- Upgrade to Streetdecks.
11- Keep the Solos.
12,12A- Keep the citaros.
16,16A- Keep the streetlites.
19- Keep the Solos.
20- Upgrade to Citaros, those streetlites are so thrashy on the A690.
21- Upgrade to E400MMCS.
25- Upgrade from those boring Versas to some Gems. 25 is getting way to busy for single deck.
26,7- Keep the Gems.
28,28A,28B- Keep the versas but I bet they wont last for long. After that I have no clue.
29- Same with 28.

I don't know anything about 30-40.

40,40B- Keep the Solos.
41,42,42A- Keep the Solos.
49- Keep the Streetlites but brand it, with an actual name not just "The 49".
50- Get rid of those terrible Omnicities and get some Streetlites or something.
53,54- Keep the Yutongs, nout wrong with them.
56- Get Streetdecks.
57- Rebrand and upgrade to E200MMC.
58- Keep the Gems.

ALL INDIGOS- Keep the Solos (and little pinks)

Cant be bothered to do the rest.
Share your opinions.

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Posted by: transportintyneandwear, schedule 04 Jun 2021, 7:22 pm

Went round to Saltmeadows again today and saw 6041 being repainted, 2019 fleet livery but with dark blue at the back and light blue at the front. Pretty sure it is getting a new livery, and also I think they have refurbed the seats into the red thingy, like on the 56.

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Posted by: Micheal Aaron, schedule 04 Jun 2021, 3:30 pm

Go North East are currently running temporary ferry replacement. They are currently using two Citaros out of Deptford while up to now its been two Plaxton President out of Percy Main

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Posted by: Rapidsnap, schedule 03 Jun 2021, 11:31 pm

For the first time in well over a year, I had a bus trip around the North East using a GNE Go All Zones ticket, Think I certainly got my moneys worth for £7. It did allow me to sample a few new things introduced since I was last on the buses around here.

First off was the usual trip into town on the Coaster 1A with generic livered 6069 being the vehicle doing the honour (had I got to the bus stop a little bit earlier I would have had an Omnidekka).

The first thing I wanted to try was one of the Voltras, and Yutong 8808 was the vehicle of choice on the 54. Externally I do like the vehicles, however after travelling on one of them I felt a bit de-energised. The vehicle crashed and banged its way along the route, and I must admit I never realised that the window layout is different on each side, on the near side the window slopes around the area of the step to the rear section, where as where the emergency door is the window is just a straight up right angled step up. Another thing I couldn't help but noticed that I believe no more than 2 windows were the same size or shape, I feel it must be a right nightmare should they had to replace one, and having to wait for it to be delivered as it's the only window of the size on that particular vehicle. Aside from the windows looking like they had just been taken from a spare parts bin, the interior design was alright including the unusual floor design. However if I was a bus operator, I feel I would have went with the offering from ADL. Anyway the journey taken was from Newcastle to Gateshead via Saltwell Park.

Alighting at Gateshead, a change was made onto the X1 to reach Eldon Square, this journey was provided by one of the long Omnidekkas in the shape of 6167, not a bad motor, I do find the length of these very surreal when sitting at the rear of the lower deck, especially with the longer windows compared to the short wheelbase examples. From Eldon Square the next move was onto the X84 to Hexham with 6355 being the vehicle. The 10:40 departure left with a very healthy load (mainly a group of ramblers heading to Wylam) plus swiping some passengers who were awaiting the 685. Oh my what a vehicle these vehicles are, and are certainly now a favourite of mine in the current GNE fleet. These E400MMCs have power, and plenty of speed, they certainly didn't hang about nor were hindered by any climbs. A smooth journey to Hexham was provided, and I also got to rest my leg on the perch over the rear wheels where you can fold the seat up. The Next Stop announcement did go a bit nuts due to the diversion (due to heavy traffic on the A69 Westbound into Hexham) with the X84 doing a U-turn after Corbridge Middle School to head back through the town and go into Hexham via the bottom road where most of the other services go.

At Hexham it was noted Sprinter 729 was lurking on the town service, so the oppotunity was taken to have a trip on the 683 to the West End of town and back. These Sprinters are certainly miles better than the examples that were bodied by Koch and used by Dean Taxis / Classic / GNE / Stagecoach in the early 2000s, certainly an ideal vehicle for tight routes, and I have to take my hat off (well I would if I wore one) to the drivers on the 683 town service remembering which way it goes around in that estate, looking on Google Maps there are so many loops. Great driver too, obviously a local lad who knew a lot of the passengers.

It was back to another X84 to Newcastle, this time 6352 being the vehicle, performance was just as good if not better than 6355, it certainly had no issue overtaking over vehicles on the A69, even going uphill between Corbridge Roundabout and Ovington Road Ends. Again use was made of the foot perch. Going back to the NSA, it did annoy me when it announced Blucher incorrectly. Having worked in nearby Throckley from 2011 to 2017 and knowing a few people from the place, it's pronounced as Blutcha instead of Blusher as the NSA announced. Anyway despite people adandoning trucks in stupid places to unload (Corbridge and near the General Hospital), a smooth journey was in order, I did note a design fault with some of the seats, especially those over the rear wheels facing forward, there was many phantom bell pushes due to people knees hitting off the stop button on the back of the seat in front.

Once in Newcastle, it was another short hop accross to Gateshead on Versa 8325 on the 28A, just so my friend could tick off a trip on 6908 which was looping around Gateshead on the 94. The gearbox on this didn't seem to be in the best of health with the ride seemingly a bit jerky. This journey was from Gateshead to Heworth the long way around. Rainbow 6050 was also enjoying looping around Gateshead too.

From Heworth it was a trip down to Concord on the Connectons 4 with Citaro 5366 being the culprit, they've done a nice job refurbishing these Citaros, and in my opinion are prob the best examples in the fleet, I do note that they now have flashes towards the rear on each side promoting the route serving Follingsby Park and Amazon, again nothing special to note about the trip or the trip on the 56 to Sunderland provided by 6092 again with a nice job done on the refurbishment. However with every trip there has to be a low point, and this low point was a Streetlite on the 20, my gosh it was simply awful, 5433 crashed and banged all other the place, the gearbox jerked so much it nearly gave you whiplash, and even the braking was causing the same effect, I even tried to zone out to dull the torture of travelling on it to Houghton Le Spring, I think my stay in hospital last year was less tramatic. Anyway after that it was a trip on another Connection 4 Citaro with 5359 taking us to Washington Galleries where a quick change was made onto Little Pink Solo 689 on the 85 which was then followed by a short trip on 683 on the same route.

The Second last vehicle of the day was X-Line X1 Streetdeck 6367 from Galleries to Gateshead. First time I been on one of these X-Lines Streetdeck, it did alright and seemed to go along with out issue, one thing I did notice that was better was the footrest area downstairs at the rear with a metal bar being provided to rest your feet on instead of putting it on a boxy wheelarch like on the E400MMCs and the Cobalt and Coast B9TLs. Then it was back home to Rosehill on another 1A with Coaster branded 6058.

In conclusion I still hate Streetlites.

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Posted by: Mark51953, schedule 03 Jun 2021, 5:16 pm

Hi people if you can help some of my work colleagues get over 10000 views on YouTube please doing the dance challenge

Thanks the Selby drivers

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Posted by: transportintyneandwear, schedule 02 Jun 2021, 10:54 pm

Was at Saltmeadows today and saw a Gemini 2 being painted, looks like the usual 2019 GNE livery, you know the two colors separated by the 2 wierd lines, but it was light blue at the front and dark blue at the back. Does anyone know what this is? Didnt get fleet no or a video/pic.

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Posted by: Adrian, schedule 01 Jun 2021, 4:09 pm

I see the little darlings are out in force today. Arriva in Durham have had three buses taken out of service for broken windows in as many hours.
This seems to be really bad lately and they have the brass necks to do it in broad daylight too.

"#DURHAM - Service 56 - Unfortunately due to youths putting a brick through the bus window the 15:19 service 56 from Ferryhill towards Durham will not be able to operate, sorry for any inconvenience caused."

"#DURHAM - Service 22 - Unfortunately due to youths putting a brick through the bus window the 14:43 service 22 from Sunderland towards Durham will not be able to operate, sorry for any inconvenience caused."

"#DURHAM - Service 23 - Unfortunately due to youths putting a brick through the bus window the 13:51 service 23 from Peterlee towards Sunderland will not be able to operate, sorry for any inconvenience caused."

How long before someone gets seriously injured?

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For June 2021

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For June 2021

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For June 2021

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