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Community Rules & Guidelines
Last Reviewed: 22/06/2015

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of members contributing to our website's forum and Social Media platforms. Above all else, this forum serves to provide a safe, secure and family-friendly environment for bus enthusiasts. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that all of your contributions to this forum are constructive, respectful and welcoming.

The rules listed below apply to all areas of the forum unless stated otherwise. The list is not exhaustive and the site's moderation team will occasionally make decisions independent of the rules.

If any contribution to the website's forum causes you concern, please alert us to it by using the 'Report' button on the appropriate post. Any infringement of the rules listed below may result in a disciplinary action being taken by the site's moderation team.

- Respect Other Users

Every member deserves to be treated with respect. Posts which are welcoming create a friendly environment which all members will feel comfortable in. Do not post material which in any way discriminates against, or provokes, any person or group of persons. Some users wish to remain anonymous; do not post information that may lead to the personal details of any individual being identified without their permission, unless already publicly available. Targeting others - directly or indirectly - will not be tolerated.

- Use Self-Moderation

Review your replies before posting them on the public domain; if you feel that the post could be interpreted wrongly, try to re-word it to ensure that other users do not feel offended by your post.

- Credit Others

If information has been gained from another source, please credit the source of the information. This should include the person who posted the information originally as well as a link to the appropriate forum or Social Media platform.

- Remain On-Topic

Where possible, replies in threads should remain on-topic to the discussion at hand. Please use the appropriate threads; if you are unsure which thread to post in, please use the Private Messaging system to contact one of the site's moderation team.

- Remain Family Friendly

Please ensure your contributions are suitable for the wide age range we have as forum members. Offensive material has no place on this forum, and we will work to ensure that content remains family friendly. Posts which are offensive to any other person, whether members or non-members, are not appropriate and will be removed. This includes but is not limited to remarks about race, disabilities, gender and sexual orientation.

- Make Posts Accessible

All contributions should be readable and understandable. You should avoid the use of excessive formatting, and make reasonable efforts to use legible fonts and correct spelling, punctuation and grammar in all your contributions. Users should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or coloured text, etc. Please avoid full capitalisation within your posts, as this could be perceived as shouting and aggressive. When replying to posts, please only quote sections of post that are relevant to your reply. Please trim excessively long quotes as these do clutter the forum.

Do Not: - Act as a "Back Seat Moderator"

Please use the report system opposed to "adding fuel to the fire" on the forum. The site's forum and Social Media platforms are moderated entirely by volunteers who all have real life commitments that come before the website, so please do not expect instantaneous action once a post has been reported.

- Spam

This includes posting repetitive queries where no reply has been given previously. This suggests that no users are aware of the answer.

- Intentionally post untrue information onto the forum

If a piece of information is speculation or unconfirmed, please ensure that you make this clear within the body of your post.

- Create Multiple Accounts

Unless authorised prior by the forum's moderation team; each person who accesses the forum should have one account only, and should not be done to waiver a ban which has been made.

- Use Bad Language

Moderate profanity is permitted only within the "off-topic" section of the forum. Members are asked to use asterisks when using bad language, as it may offend others reading.

Please be mindful that the above forum rules (where applicable) also apply to the Private Messaging system.

Whilst the majority of members all post within the bounds of the forum's guidelines, some users do break the rules. If a member persistently breaks the rules; they should expect to be placed on post moderation, which prevents posts from appearing on the public domain until authorised by one of the site's moderation team. If your posts are on moderation, an alert will be shown on the thread to inform you of this. If a member continues to break the rules whilst on post moderation, a temporary or permanent ban may be made.


Your contributions must not defame any person or organisation. Your contributions must be consistent with relevant conditions, laws and byelaws.


We reserve the right to update and modify these rules as the needs of the community dictate to ensure the smooth operation of this forum.