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Driver Only Operation (DOO)
RE: Driver Only Operation (DOO)
(11 Jun 2017, 9:16 am)8222 Wrote: I agree with DOO on the short, commuter-style services, such as Overground, London routes etc. but, on routes such as Northern, you have stations like Seaham, Billingham, Stockton with no staffing, no barriers etc. If someone, such as an OAP, didn't know how to use ticketing machines, there's no one to help them. I know the ticketing machine at Seaham is on 1 platform and doesn't accept cash which is limiting, too.

As for long distance, I like conductors coming up and down to sort out the tickets, dispatch the train. Think of the curve in Stations such as Newcastle, there must be blind spots somewhere on the platform if CCTV is installed for departing trains. I would expect this on long distance.

Maybe it's just me...

What about HSE issues? On my train in the morning, there is usually at least one bike wedged in the door, and buggies blocking aisles is also a problem. The evening train also sees last minute arrivals trying to force their bike on, even though the journey has been officially identified as regularly running over capacity.

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