Go North East: Latest News & Discussion - January 2018
(01/01/2018, 14:07)Adrian Wrote: Seriously? I'd have had them 15 years ago, but its nothing more than a huge downgrade for customers on that route, getting them on their way to Alpha.

There is often plenty of talk about new buses, new features, etc, attracting new passengers and growing services... I wonder how such a downgrade could ever be justified, when the shoe is on the other foot? 

The 35 itself has become a bit of a joke service. It has been chopped and changed so many times, that it has completely lost its identity. Without getting into the what, why and how of the changes; I just wish we'd get a new route number when routes are changed so drastically. If its no longer the 35, then why call it the 35?  Sad

The council have said they don't want the Scania's to leave Sunderland until middle of 2019, due to the funding they provided to upgrade them to Euro 5, they could of just put them in a spare role at Sunderland and have something else go on the 35, however i would imagine, they have to be on a route on a daily bases.

It's a massive downgrade for a service which has had Citaro's since 2008 (like the from the  Wheatsheaf to Houghton etc section).............................

(31/12/2017, 20:55)V514DFT Wrote: all due respect thats not North Tyneside

Sorry i miss read your post :p

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