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(31 Jul 2022, 4:32 pm)Dan Wrote: I should have known that you’d pop up at the sign of over-zealous moderation.

How’s North Korea, Clifton?

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Well, since you've asked twice Mr Nightie (Do you still go by that name?), I'll answer your query.

About a week or so ago, I was taking a shortcut through one of the more seedier parts of downtown Pyongyang and I noticed something odd in one of the bars where bad things sometimes happen, and where communication devices are allegedly seized by the local authorities if one, for example, is using them to contact people outside of North Korea. Two people, who turned out to be employees of public transportation companies, were arguing about contracts and how one has undercut the other time and time again to the point where it might be inferred that unfair working practices were taking place. As competition is mostly banned in North Korea, I was really surprised to see this argument happen so openly in a place under governmental surveillance. The argument nearly turned into an actual fight, and probably would have done, if yours truly, CH3, hadn't of stepped in to mediate the argument resulting in a positive outcome for all parties involved.

But enough of my heroics, I notice that Micropubs have become a topic of discussion here on the forum. People in the North East of England should rejoice in knowledge that anyone and everyone can indulge in drinking in places which resemble public toilets without any scrutiny or prejudice. You need a lot of money and power or status to do that here in North Korea, however, judging by the price of some of the artisan beverages available at Micropubs across the North East, perhaps it's not that different to Pyongyang after all....