What's annoying you today? V4
(06/08/2018, 16:04)Jimmi Wrote: It's a while since I posted in here as I've now realized that many of my public rants in the past were totally overblown and this is what I've primarily become known for, leaving the impression that I am an angry little irritant when I'm really not (much Big Grin ), sadly the damage is done now and I will just have to live with that...

I'm going to break the silence today though to note that I'm absolutely gutted that my iPod Classic is no longer working, especially as this is one of the things that stops me going totally insane.

They just don't make them like they used to. 

I'm gutted that the rivet on the kitchen devil's scissors I bought from woollies for £1.75 in 1990 is beginning to come loose. Wish I'd kept my receipt.