Kirkby Stephen and Brough Rally 2016.

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(15 Mar 2016, 2:56 pm)ifm001 Wrote: Just been confirmed today.

Wilkinson Travel South Shields are taking their 1981 Tiger on Easter Sunday to the rally.

Seats are available for members of the public to travel to the rally from South Shields Jarrow and Hebburn.

Contact the Wilkinson office in South Shields to book or for more details. Cost is £12 pp departing South Shields at 0800.
Nice to see another north east bus heading down there.

I should be heading along to the rally again this year, I'm likely to be going on The Eden's Leyland Leopard from West Auckland.
(15 Mar 2016, 5:19 pm)DanPicken Wrote: I won't be going as I have better things to do on Easter Sunday maybe if it was the Saturday...

For those members of the forum who are of school age. We adults do not have the luxury of picking and choosing what day we attend. Due to work commitments. There this rally is usually always attended on the Sunday
Worth noting that, providing you book in advance (can be done via the company's Facebook page), you can also pay on the day.

The coach will be departing Kirkby at 16:30 for the return journey back home.
Well the weather for Sunday looks just wonderful!
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