Happy New Year!

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Hi everyone. Hope you're all having a great evening and I thought I'd put something together now before everyone gets a bit too drunk!

It's been another interesting year for the site. We remain the #1 online community for bus enthusiasts in the North East - a one-stop shop to find out the very latest information, and historical archive information too.

What can we look forward to in the new year?

A new-look forum - some minor cosmetic changes are being made.

A new-look Bygone Era - we're very close to releasing the new Bygone Era which will hold all previous archived documents held on the forum, as well as new documents. We plan to integrate this section with the news, so users can see timetables, promotional materials and news, all for a specific time period.

Further archive information added to the news and fleet lists - some of you may have noticed some additions to the "Treasures from our archives" on our news section recently. More content will continue to be added in the new year, including more comprehensive details and photographs where possible.

And hopefully we'll bring some new members to the forum to contribute to our growing community.

So happy new year, everyone. I wish you and your families all a happy, healthy, 2017.

Happy New Year!

I've had a good year, graduated from Newcastle College with a BA Hons 2:1 in Childcare, got kept on at my placement (I won't be saying where it is), which got rated "Outstanding" by Ofsted!

Roll on 2017.

Thought i'd do it now because i don't know what sort of state i'll be in later. Tongue

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Ooo Friend, Bus Friend.
Happy new year to all the fourm users I'm a bit drunk so not saying much more
Wish everyone a happy new year, will forget on the moment!

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Happy new year
Happy new year to Dan and all forum members. I look forward to contributing to the forum in 2017. Hope everybody had a lovely Christmas too