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(13 Apr 2018, 4:27 pm)AIG20 Wrote: Information from "Steven Knight Media - Fleet News Ramblings":

Any reason why the below changes are taking place?

‚ú§Stagecoach North East
MAN/East Lancs Kinetics 22514 & 22515 are in the process of being transferred from Slatyford to Stockton with MAN/ALX300s 22065 & 22066 moving from Stockton to Slatyford in exchange.
The swap of 22515 in exchange for 22065 took place this morning, and 22065 has already entered service at Slatyford depot.
The swap of 22514 in exchange for 22066 has yet to take place, with both vehicles in service at their normal depots this morning.
Other vehicle exchanges expected in the next few days are MAN/East Lancs Kinetics 22512 & 22513 moving from Slatyford to Walkergate with MAN/ALX300s 22341 & 22342 moving from Walkergate to Slatyford in exchange.

22511 now in service, too, remarkably!

[Image: 26561607357_ea6bdc291b.jpg]Stagecoach: 22511 SF56FKO MAN 18.240/East Lancs by emdjt42, on Flickr

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