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(30 Dec 2018, 11:57 am)busmanT Wrote: Need to add reliability to the list of things considered as part of the evaluation of new buses - although Go North East have no experience of ADL double deck products in recent years, other parts of Go Ahead do.

Hopefully that doesn't put them off, as its a completely new demo bus, we expected a few niggles but i think the E400 has done well (according to other people) so hopefully those niggles are put down to it being completely new. 

For 2018:

I think we'll see more Streetlites coming in, ready for June/July, for the start of the Scania L94 withdrawal's... however only routes I could see getting new Streetlites is the Loop and 35 (standardising the types of buses at Deptford) along with new Streetlites arriving for the Quaylink, pushing the Versa's out on most of the Scania routes (Green Arrow), 13, 14 and X25. 

23 new Streetlites for the Quaylink including 2 spare = total of 25
8 new Streetlites for the 35 + 1 spare = total of 9. 
8 Streetlites for the Loop + 1 spare = total of 9

Cascades would be: 

10 Versa for the Green Arrow - but brand dropped
10 Versa for the 13, 14 and X25


If my numbers are right, (which they'll not be!) it withdraws almost all the Scania’s and just leaves 5229, 5230, 5231, 5232 in service but some of the 2004 batch could be left in service as spares. 

Although, we know Go North East won't buy as many Streetlites as above, this is a suggestion, if they wanted to get rid of them straight away, as some are now 17 years old....
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