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(31 Dec 2018, 10:55 pm)Rapidsnap Wrote: Wright Streetairs are a joke. Lothian ordered 12, but cancelled their order after 6 arrived after they turned out to be quite poor. Plus they are short wheelbase and would in no way cope with the loads on the Q3.

Have they sold any other than those 6? I don't think even London have ordered any.

I didn't find them too bad, but clearly the order volume speaks for itself - either a bad product or poor value for money.

(31 Dec 2018, 11:04 pm)Jamie M Wrote: I like the streetlites from both perspectives. They're comfy and warm from pax point of view with wifi, chargers, nsas and a nice modern feel.
Warm and drive nicely from a drivers point of view. Can drive them all day no problem and regularly have done. Don't know why they have such bad reputation.

Great from an operators point of view due to the BSOG payments and the fact they are very good on the fuel.

They are always a good temperature, I'll give them that, but other than that they're pretty poor from a passenger point of view. They're narrow/cramped, uncomfortable and have more rattles than a baby's cot. It is a waste of time advertising the chargers, because they're rarely switched on. The poor design requiring a manual switch on each time the vehicle is started up, usually results in the drivers forgetting to switch them on. 

The E200MMCs that Stagecoach are running in Newcastle are essentially the same bus, but they're worlds apart in terms of build quality and ride quality IMO.
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