Go North East: 2018/19 Financial Year Order Predictions
RE: Go North East: 2018/19 Financial Year Order Predictions
(14 Feb 2019, 10:29 pm)Malarkey Wrote: 22 - Wright Streetdeck Micro-Hybrid 3's - Prince Bishops

I have used the 20 quite a few times so far this year whilst out and about with a mix of journey's coming in and out of Sunderland with some quite high loadings with standees on each of those journey's at various times of the day, this is as a result of students using the service at both Bede and City Campus along with your average Tom, Dick and Harry using the service.

I do think the Streetlites which put into service in 2016 have brought some much needed growth to the 20's which I do think would benefit from having deckers during the peak periods of the morning and afternoon.

I might have mentioned this before, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the 20 and 35 swap over and the 35 head back to Shields before any purchase of new vehicles for the 20. 
It's a huge investment to replace the PVR for the route and I would struggle to see the business case succeed.
35 will need new/newer vehicles soon and I'm struggling to see where they will come from in its current guise.
It's almost become a neglected route.

20/20A - reduced PVR: Durham - North Sunderland Estates/Boldon.

35 - increased PVR (using cascaded Streetlites): Low Moorsley - South Shields.

With a reduced PVR, the 20 then sees new vehicles and the financial viability on the 35 starts to improve (the newer, more wallet friendly Streetlites aiding its cause). 

Whether this happens this or next year, I'm not sure. 

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