Go North East: 2018/19 Financial Year Order Predictions
RE: Go North East: 2018/19 Financial Year Order Predictions

(01 Jun 2019, 11:34 pm)JM03 Wrote:

It will have to keep some full size singles though for peak times and miscellaneous ops (392,442,673,679 and 680 are operated by these) unless 19 is downgraded and more deckers end up at percy main.


3x Toon Link E400 for X30 (6180-82)

7x (taller) Toon Link E400s for X31/70/71 (6183-89)

14x (taller) E400 for Red Kites 45/6/7 (6190-6203)

3x (taller) E400 for 15 (6203-05)

3x E400 Spares at Consett (6206-08)

3x streetdeck Spare Streetdecks (2x for Crook relasing 6332 to CLS for code numbers, 1x to CLS)(6334-7)

11x E200 Connections 4 at Washington (Omni for backup)(5488-5498)


637-39 TO Consett for Venture (plus 689)

722 to Deptford as Backup

5234-42,5267-74 to CLS for 28/A,34/A and 71 (Inc 1x backup)

5275-82,5293-97 to Green Arrow 97 (Remain at Riverside)

5358-5368 to Deptford for 35/A

5409-11 remain at Consett as backups for all routes.

5412-16 to Percy Main for 19 (1x backup)

5417-19 to Riverside with 5420,40/41 for Toon Link 6 (inc back up streetlites)

5481-84 to Deptford as backups for 9 and 35/A

5485-87 to Riverside Backup for all Merc Routes

6118-21 to Percy Main for 327

6149-58 to Riverside for 57 (inc 1x Backup)

6158-6161 to Percy Main as Back Up for 1/A,309/310 (allowing 6069 and 6100 to go into Coaster)

8294-8300,8319-8324 to Riverside for 33/A,64/95,93/94 (Inc 1 backup)


All GNE solars

This therefore keeps-

-all E400s at Consett

-1/1A all D/Deck buses

-all Versas at Riverside

-all omnicities between CLS and Washington

-X21 dedicated spares

-19,33/A,35/A,64/95 and 93/4 all get upgrades

-withdraw all solars.

Happy days for all involved

Once again I don’t think the Streetlites will go to PM although if a full size was to go the other way then possibly the E4 Citaros.

E200s are not for Washington as it is said they aren’t getting any new vehicles. I think someone has guessed the 97/97a to get them and with current 9076 trailing on it, it looks a possibility.

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