Go North East: 2018/19 Financial Year Order Predictions
RE: Go North East: 2018/19 Financial Year Order Predictions
(20 Jun 2019, 7:13 am)Dan Wrote:

Link below:


For the avoidance of doubt, the order is as follows:

  • 28x StreetDeck for Consett - to upgrade services 15/15A (to be re-numbered X5/X15), services 45/46/47 (to be re-numbered services X45/X46/X47), service X31, and services X70/X71.
  • 2x StreetDeck for Crook - to supplement the increase in PVR from 19 May, and to replace the spare OmniDekka 6146.
  • 1x StreetDeck float - the UK's first 6-cylinder 7.7l engine model, to be trialled on all double-deck services in the region.
  • 3x ADL Enviro400MMC - to upgrade service X30
  • 11x ADL Enviro200MMC - to upgrade service 97.
  • 9x Yutong Electrics - to upgrade services 53/54.

  • The StreetDecks and ADL Enviro400s will all be to 'X-lines' specification.

    This is in addition to the 2x Mercedes Sprinters on order to operate a new contract on behalf of the NHS in Newcastle City Centre, commencing from September. The order for this was announced internally to staff earlier this week.

    So does this mean I might actually be able to catch a Streetdeck on the X21? I think in the past week I've been on one! It wouldn't be so bad if the Omnidekkas they put on had WiFi

    Id imagine the extra 2 for Crook would just be in a standard Xlines livery. But at least I got my wish of the Red Kites going the way of the dodo! Those eyes are just wrong!

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