Seaburn Historic Vehicle Display 2019

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Anybody heading to Seaburn this Monday? List of entrants and details here:

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I didn't even know it was on...!
It's this bank holiday, every year! We're not always around for it.

Seemed to be a good turn out of vehicles but not so many people in the venue who weren't associated with the vehicles and stands. The weather might have been something to do with it - it was punishingly hot. Big'un enjoyed the buses (including 6333's debut as X-lines) and the other vehicles (there were lots of beautifully preserved old cars there) but the heat was making him feel unwell and neither of us could bear the thought of half an hour on an old bus in slow moving bank holiday seaside traffic so we bailed out fairly quickly.

We did stay long enough to be @@ at the prices of some of the model buses with condensation inside their packaging that had been there at least since the last event at Seaburn.