Site Update - 10/02/2020

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Hi everyone.

Site Update - 10/02/2020

We're starting to work through getting some of the site databases and information up to date. 

Sorry that this has been so long coming, but unfortunately work and other commitments outside of NEB has resulted in priorities laying elsewhere. We ask that you bare with us whilst we get things back on track.

Current progress:

  • Stagecoach North East: Fleet list updated with current fleet card.
  • Stagecoach North East: Vehicles sold or disposed of over the last year or so added to archives.
  • Stagecoach North East: Updates added to the 'News' section to present fleet card.
If anybody spots any errors or corrections, could you please use the feature within the 'News' section to submit this as news, or alternatively drop me a private message.

Whilst Stagecoach information is relatively easy to get a hold of, we find that fleet cards and such from Arriva aren't as forthcoming. If anyone is able to help with this, could you please drop me a private message, so I can start work in getting the Arriva North East lists up to date? 

Thanks for your continued patience. Smile 

on behalf of the North East Buses team.
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this might help with Arriva
TEN 6083 Wrote:

this might help with Arriva
Unfortunately the "ukbuses" web site doesn't exactly have the highest reputation for accuracy …..
Yup, it's best to steer clear of ukbuses. Arriva is covered by the UEC but their next issue isn't until March iirc.
A lot of that fleet list is actually correct now although some of the most recent transfers and loans haven't been amended and other bits like 1499 now being silver NHS 47 branded and for some reason they seemingly think 4809/10/11 are in the new Go Green livery for some reason.

I'll try and see if I can sort more up-to-date info if get chance.
Thanks folks. I think I've been supplied with an up to date document, but anything else would still be appreciated so that I can cross reference Smile
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