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(26/11/2013, 19:57)Dan Wrote: Dextrovert sent us clear photographs of the files he has contributed towards the Bygone Era and cropped them down a little too so that it's just the timetable/page that is shown.
dan@northeastbuses.co.uk is the place you need to send 'em to after that - mark it with Bygone Era so I can find them when I eventually get round to sorting it out though. :p

No problem! Smile
Update: 27/11/13

Hey, I'm getting good at this - aren't I? Wink

In this update, we see the introduction of a new thread: "Tyne & Wear Bus Strategy - Quality Contracts Scheme". As the consultation for the scheme has now ended, all consultation responses are available on Nexus' website. As such, we have archived the .pdf files for historical viewing, as it is highly unlikely that Nexus will host the documents on their website forever. A further 50 files have been collected towards the thread's expansion so far. I endeavour to get these uploaded as soon as possible, and in the mean time, feel free to PM me with further content.
Update: 12/12/13

As the year draws to a close and I'm off for my Christmas holidays, it seemed appropriate to give the Bygone Era an update that was well due.

This update sees the reconstruction of the "Stagecoach North East - Busways, Transit, Economic, Favourite" thread so that it is in the format which Brandon introduced to a number of threads which had a great deal of content.

Following on from a thread which was added to the "Stagecoach North East" section of the forum last night containing a fleet list dating back to October 2003, latterly leading to a suggestion of archiving the material contained within the thread, Richard Smiles has shared further content with me via e-mail so that it could be archived on the public domain, for all to see and download providing they are members of the North East Buses forum.

It is with my pleasure therefore to introduce the Fleet Lists & Allocation post to the aforementioned reconstructed Stagecoach North East and former identities thread in the Bygone Era. All of Richard's fleet lists (dating back to 1985!) complement the fleet allocation dating back to 1997 which cbma06 sent to us originally upon original thread creation.
This section now contains 100 files, with more soon to be added. We have a complete monthly set of updated fleet lists from 2011 to add, and further fleet lists which were updated somewhat more irregularly from the early 2000s, similar to those under the 2001 header for Tees.

May I take this opportunity to thank Richard Smiles once more on behalf of the entire community for contributing these files to the Bygone Era. It's much appreciated, and will certainly help towards the "Vehicle History" section of North East Buses' fleet lists too. A win/win situation for both enthusiasts which follow the past, present and future of the Stagecoach North East fleet.

It's been four years since the last update in this thread, and now that the re-creation of the new-look Archive is well underway, we're going to resurrect this thread to provide more regular updates of what's new to the Archive. We've now got over 750 files on the Archive, with plenty more to be added over the coming months.

What's New: 14/01/2018

All of the existing timetables on Go North East's website, some of which are due to change from 28th January 2018, have now been uploaded to the Archive. These timetables are predominantly from 2017, though some are marginally older than that.

23 Tyne & Wear PTE files have been uploaded - these are:
  • Local Service Guide - Gateshead and Felling - 1981
  • Newcastle Services - Fare Tables - 1973
  • Local Service Guide - Newcastle - 1981
  • Local Service Guide - Newcastle - 1984
  • Newcastle Service Revisions - 1975
  • Works services in Newcastle
  • North Bridge Street changes - Sunderland - 1978
  • Local Service Guide - North Tyneside - 1981
  • Ryton and Crawcrook service changes - 1983
  • Local Service Guide - South Tyneside - 1984
  • Sunderland District - Bus & Rail Route Map - 1978
  • Sunderland Service Guide - 1986
  • Sunderland Town Bus Services - 1973
  • 138 (Sunderland - Hollycarrside) timetable
  • 34/35/79 (Denton Square - Wallsend) timetable
  • 41 (Eldon Square - Freeman Hospital) timetable
  • 49 (Central Station - Kingston Park) timetable
  • 57 (Gateshead Metro - Heworth Metro) timetable
  • 58/59 (Wardley - Heworth - Leam Lane - Gateshead - Dunston) timetable
  • 612, 638/639, 641 (Newcastle - Ryton - Winlaton - Sunderland) timetable
  • Metroline 3 (Haymarket - Tynemouth via Benton) timetable
  • 135/136 (Sunderland Circular) timetable
  • Shields Ferry - 1967 timetable

If you're interested in viewing any of the above content, click here and use the search facility, using some of the terms above.
What's New: 16/03/2018

No update for quite a while, but managed to upload something this evening. It's a network guide for the Venture Transport Co., dating back to August 1963.
(16/03/2018, 21:33)Dan Wrote: What's New: 16/03/2018

No update for quite a while, but managed to upload something this evening. It's a network guide for the Venture Transport Co., dating back to August 1963.

[Image: unknown.png]

It no worky for me  Undecided
(21/03/2018, 18:23)Jamie M Wrote: It no worky for me  Undecided

Not sure why, but it's disappeared... Will have a look into it.