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Hi Guys

Just to give those of you who may not know a heads up
I run a news website which incorporates my old North East Independents site, plus now including information from the big 3 up here too to replace Jeff's Bus Lane website which Jeff unfortunately had to close due to lack of time.

It generally gets updated every Sunday night to keep a regular pattern.

A rather large update done tonight Smile Bonus Easter update I call it.

News from the big 3 including the introduction of MAN Ecocity and Volvo Gemini hybrids for Arriva, the introduction of Go North Easts new X7 service (and various other transfers).

Also news from 12 of our independent companies!

[Image: relaunch.gif]

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary (4th December 2011 my website was launched!)
North East Buses has been re-branded and re-launched as North East Bus & Coach.

Well I know it's been a long time since the last update, over 4 months! I've been very
busy working and other commitments have just got on top of website updates being done.
Also the amount of changes with the "Big 3" operators just became too hard to keep track of!
Thankfully here at North East Buses, fleet news for
the big 3 operators, (Arriva, Go North East and Stagecoach) can now be found in the
Fleet News section, which gets updated every 2 weeks.

Over at North East Bus & Coach, we're aiming to cover just our independent operators
who operate buses & coaches across the North East and Yorkshire areas,
and we are always grateful for updates to be sent in, and thankful for the number of operators
who provide fleet updates to the site! Thank you!

Check it now at

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(18 Dec 2013, 10:16 am)BusFanPrudhoe Wrote: Also added a link from my website.

Will do as soon as I can, probably tomorrow Smile

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