North West Bus Operations

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dart 2249 X249 HJA is VOR AGAIN!!! electric fault as always....
Only 2 Wright Axcess Flolines are left now
Y961 XBU
Y962 XBU

Their time is limited however but i have to say Y961 XBU is a cracking bus!
I believe I managed to photograph both when I was down Chester and Liverpool. I didn't realise they were withdrawing them (they've not long been in Stagecoach livery!), so it's great I managed to photograph them.
(22 Sep 2013, 9:47 am)Daniel Wrote: I believe I managed to photograph both when I was down Chester and Liverpool. I didn't realise they were withdrawing them (they've not long been in Stagecoach livery!), so it's great I managed to photograph them.

Yes they withdrawing them but its a shame really as theres nothing wrong with them, hope they dont scrap them
Another day and another DAF Cadet already broken down, very little information about it as its a none bus enthusiast thats uploaded the photo to facebook but its blocking off the east lancs now.... getting sick of these Buses now, breaking down regular at Birkenhead so send them to St Helens Depot?! not impressed at all and to make things worse ANOTHER DAF Cadet is about to go into service here (2436)! why does St Helens depot have to take these buses i dont know.
Very rare sighting today Mini Pointer Dart 894 was on the 10 from Manchester to Brookhouse via Eccels, normally this service is ran by the Hybrid Geminis
From 7th October our current Manager is leaving via permotion and the Manager from Bootle will move to St Helens Depot
Bit of an update

the allocation on the 500 express service between Liverpool and Liverpool Airport has changed, it was 3 Merc-benzs Bendies but now its 1 Bendie and 2 Wright Commanders (normally 2601 and 2602)

a bit of a rare sighting today we got the Interurban Plaxton Prestige on the 81 service between Liverpool Airport and Bootle Bus Station, normally this service is ran by DAF Mylleniums!
since these buses are the last sign of MTL the biggest company in Merseyside its best to keep tags on these buses

7612 T612 PNC - withdrawn for scrap at green lane
7613 T613 PNC - withdrawn for scrap at Wrexham l
7614 T614 PNC - withdrawn for scrap at Green lane
7615 T615 PNC - Withdrawn at St Helens
7616 T616 PNC - withdrawn for scrap at Wrexham
7617 T617 PNC - Withdrawn at st Helens
7618 T618 PNC - Withdrawn at Southport for spares
7619 T619 PNC – Withdrawn at St Helens, engine donor
7620 T620 PNC - For Scrap at St Helens
7621 T621 PNC – Withdrawn at St Helens
7622 T622 PNC - withdrawn for scrap
7623 T623 PNC - For scrap at st helens
7624 V624 DBN - withdrawn at Green Lane
7625 V625 DVU – Chester depot
7626 V626 DVU – Withdrawn at Chester
7627 V627 DVU - Withdrawn at St Helens
7628 V628 DVU - withdrawn at Winsford
7629 V629 DVU - withdrawn for scrap at Green Lane
7630 V630 DVU - Withdrawn Green Lane
7631 V631 DVU - withdrawn at Green Lane
7632 V632 DVU - withdrawn at chester for spares
7633 V633 DVU - Bootle
7634 V634 DVU - St Helens
7635 V635 DVU - unallocated at Birkenhead
7636 V636 DVU - Southport
7637 V637 DVU - Southport
7638 V638 DVU – Withdrawn at Green Lane
7639 V639 DVU - Southport
7640 V640 DVU - Withdrawn at St Helens
7641 V641 DVU - Withdrawn St Helens
7642 V642 DVU - withdrawn for scrap at Wrexham
7643 V643 DVU - Southport
7644 V644 DVU - Withdrawn St Helens
7645 V645 DVU - Withdrawn at Chester
7646 V646 DVU - withdrawn at Southport
7647 V647 DVU - St Helens
7648 V648 DVU - Southport
7649 V649 DVU - Bootle
7650 V650 DVU - St Helens
7651 V651 DVU - Southport
7652 V652 DVU - Southport
7653 V653 DVU - Southport
7654 V654 DVU - Southport
7655 V655 DVU - Southport
7656 V656 DVU - Southport
7657 V657 DVU - Green Lane
7658 V658 DVU – Withdrawn at Green Lane
7659 V659 DVU - Bootle
7660 V660 DVU - Bootle
7661 V661 DVU - Bootle
7662 V662 DVU - Bootle
7663 V663 DVU - Bootle
7664 V664 DVU - Southport
7665 V665 DVU - St Helens
7667 V667 DVU - Bootle
7668 V668 DVU - Withdrawn Green Lane
7669 V669 DVU - Bootle
7670 V670 DVU - Withdrawn at Runcorn
7671 V671 DVU - Withdrawn at Green Lane
7672 V672 DVU - Withdrawn at Runcorn
7673 V673 DVU - Southport
7674 V674 DVU - Bootle, repaired after fire damage :O
7675 V675 DVU - Bootle
7676 V676 DVM - unallocated at Wythinshawe

I plan to keep this list up to date, any information you may have would be great Smile
One of First Boltons Renowns seen service today and not just any old service as it went on the 8 from Bolton - Manchester, i cant begin to tell you how rare this is! photo and more info tomoz
Looking very likely Impera Buses of the Wirral are about to cease trading, News has already reached Wirral Newsbeat saying they have ceased trading however tonight they are running their 31A and 39 Services but dont have working fast tags for the Mersey Tunnels... i do hope the Company find a way to keep going but its looking like another firm is about to be lost from the North West..
recivers and investors are currently looking at a possibility of the firm staying on the road, M. Steens has left the company and he was one of the main bosses, what a grim hope this is turning out to be
Sadly i can confirm that Impera have ceased trading.
=(, another independent company bites the dust. =(
Ooo Friend, Bus Friend.
(03 Oct 2013, 4:18 pm)Michael Wrote: =(, another independent company bites the dust. =(

Sad to see them go as they had great None Tendered routes, none of them are to be replaced tho, just the Tenders and School Services
Blog Post about Impera Ceasing Trading including Service information

Another Strike by Network Warrington today.
Our New Manager from Bootle Depot started here Today.

Few rare sightings today aswell there was Plaxton Pointer 2 Dart 2211 on the 89 Service from St Helens to Liverpool Airport, this service normally has Wright Renowns, Wright Eclipse 2800 was on the 20 From St Helens to Earlstown, this service is normally ran by Plaxton Pointer 2 Darts.
Now this might turn out to be of some use

Variation Accepted by SN: Operating between Bolton Bus Station and Crowthorn School given service number 537/538 effective from 28-Oct-2013. To amend Route and Timetable.

from the 27th the 537 is set to no longer serve Edgworth, a little village in Lancashire however this is the 2nd Reg and now could mean that after a campain lead by a local MP the service could be returning the Edgworth.
JPT of Manchester have bought some Ex Stagecoach Merseyside Wright Liberators, These Buses was new to CMT Buses.