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(25 Dec 2021, 2:22 am)Train8261 Wrote: Only Express route it would have program is more than likely X63 unless there like gne and have every single NSA announcement

Stockton’s have all routes in so I would assume that the Newcastle ones would be the same.

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(24 Dec 2021, 11:29 pm)Andreos1 Wrote: There must be some commercial opportunities from East Cleveland that could be introduced without stepping on anyone else's toes.

There’s a few ideas I’d like to try and one very significant gap I’d like to try and exploit… it’s just a case of seeing what resource we have available to play with. We’re taking on more work in January and then our corporate contract is due to quadruple in size by April so we’ll be pretty stretched then.

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Sunderland seem to have some tracking issues at the minute:
28020 is tracking as 19114 (34611 was tracking as 19114 before Christmas)
36965/67/71 are not tracking
19383/39729 weren't tracking yesterday but are today
19114's ticket machine has spent more time in other buses than any other. 36967 hasn't tracked since Repaint
The app isn't working properly either

Half of the services aren't showing for the bus stops although you can see them on the map - doesn't help if the bus has been cancelled - as you wouldn't know
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