Mindless vandalism
RE: Mindless vandalism
(01 Jun 2021, 4:52 pm)Micheal Aaron Wrote: The fact that police seem to respond to late or not at all. Doesn't help the fact. It's absolutely stupid how much vandle goes on..I remember a while ago GNE being on Look North dur to buses in the Houghton area due to vandle and they didn't want to pull bus services out of the area

We've lost about 20,000 police officers in England and Wales since 2010, which doesn't help, but even with those 20,000, its impossible for them to be everywhere at once. Especially in an area as vast as County Durham.

As its likely to be kids, they'll have legged it as soon as the brick or stones have been thrown, so it becomes a cat and mouse game for the police.

GNE have pulled buses out of Houghton before and I believe Arriva have somewhere on Teesside too. To be honest, as much as its a disruption to those that need the services, it's probably the only thing that is going to apply enough leverage to deal with the problem.
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