Buses Through The Ages At Bishop Auckland

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On the Nebpt website. 

This event will feature a selection of Classic buses on display and trade stands

To travel to the event catch any bus to Bishop Auckland
Also. Speaking to a staff member of the nebpt told me why nothing on the website gets put up

The guy who does it caught covid and is suffering from the effects of "Long Covid" and hasn't been able to put timetables or the entires up on the website
This Sunday 15th is the Buses through the ages at Bishop Auckland Market Place. Two shuttle will be running

Shuttle 1 will run to Bishop Auckland Train station

Shuttle 2 will run to the old Edan Bus Garage

Buses most on display will be OK Moter Service, United, The Eden, Lockeys amongst other Buses
Next weekend is Shildon Rally, you would think the two events could be combined.

Shildon rally is ran by Aycliffe
Bishop is ran by Nebpt
But this is Bishop second year running
Fine weather we have for it
Good turn out. Nice to see the Jh single decker
Turn out of today's event was good

Sad nothing from the Eden turned up. Nice to see Weardale and OK Travel there

Weather was terrible like but there's been worse

Really good turn out of buses. Nice to see the nebpt get the Economic 669 back out on the road.

Jh attending with there Single Deck bus and good rally together
I did not stay long with the abysmal weather. Have to say it was a good display. Had a look in at Garnett's and Bell's. The Eden was all locked up when I drove past.

Aye it was a good event like. Really enjoyed it especially after the 2019 one
Noticed on FB that ANE took along a few buses, nice to see them at a few events this year. From memory they didn't bother for a while before the pandemic.