Wright StreetDeck Hydrogen Demonstrator

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Demonstrator LX71AOS has been spotted at Stockton depot. Comments on the Facebook post on the "Busesnortheast" page indicate it'll be on the 15s after Christmas.
It arrived earlier in the week, it was there on Thursday when I was at the depot although parked in a position that made it impossible to get a decent photo. According to a senior staff member, they were going to be trained on it that day but no one had turned up or that they had a shortage of staff to enable training to be done.
Please feel free to visit my Flickr page - https://www.flickr.com/photos/gjm-photogenic/
Who needs heroes anyway? Villians have more fun.
It’ll be used in a three month trial on service 15 alongside a single deck Caetano (at Stagecoach) presumably as a showcase to what hydrogen could be used for in the Teesside area.

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Will eiether of them go to GNE
(19 Dec 2021, 11:20 am)Keeiajs Wrote: Will eiether of them go to GNE
Unlikely, as this project being led by the Tees Valley Combined Authority.
The streetdeck hydrogen decker demonstrator was parked in Darlington faverdale yard this morning