Non-UK Bus Operations

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I am off to Malta for the second time in the summer and when I was there last in 2013 Arriva ran the local bus services and there were only King Longs and ex London Mercedes Benz citaro artics. These have been overheating apparently and I wondered if these buses are still in service if anyone knows?

(The current bus services are no longer run by Arriva but are instead operated commercially, Arriva we're introducing solo srs the last time I was there)
I am currently in Malta and since I was last here the buses have been taken back into public hands, at present there are 4 types of buses as can be found below, these are two types of otokars, King longs and citaros:
Photo credit: Mark Haldon
Here is a selection of buses from around the world provided by readers of the Guardian.
(30 Aug 2016, 5:26 pm)GuyParkRoyal Wrote: Here is a selection of buses from around the world provided by readers of the Guardian.

I wonder where the Bolton Atlantean was pictured (9/50)
Ive recently been on holiday in Greece ( Just came back yesterday ) which explains why I've been offline for so long.

Got a few photo's from around Athens in my spare time, Got round to uploading the first :

More will come shortly.
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In the last week I have been on holiday in Munich, Germany in which I photographed an array of buses, trams, trains and cars. We start off with a selection of photos from the MAN Bus Forum based on the Dachauer Strabe featuring the new model for 2018 of the MAN Lion's City, unfortunately due a vehicle breakdown in Moosach on route to the forum I missed the tour of the forum which started at 12pm, however the receptionist was more than happy for me to take a few photos inside the main entrance and outside the forum.

Here is a link to the photos from the forum -
Some photos from the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum (Munich Transport Museum)