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(07 Jun 2021, 9:41 pm)mb134 Wrote: Rebranding as "Team Pennine" - which seems more like something you'd find on an internal memo than something you'd land on as the company name. Why not "The Pennine Bus Company" as with the rest of the Transdev operations, and refer to the staff as "Team Pennine", similar to "Team GNE". 

Livery looks bog standard Best Impressions. Funnily enough when I first saw it, I thought "ah, Stagecoach/Arriva must be rebranding the 685". Think I actually prefer the Yorkshire Tiger livery, at least there was some imagination there.

Inspired by a visit to Alan Robson's website or Davey Bowyer's thread featuring Northumbria Olympians?
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Either way, I'll be dialling 100 and asking the operator for freephone Pennine Windows!
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All of Yorkshire Tigers services are cancelled from the 25th July - info from VOSA, I take it this is when its officially took over.
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