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As an attempt to bring the North West to you i decided to post some information about my North West, North Wales and North Yorkshire based Bus Group.

1. Website
2. Blog Site
3. Stagecoach Chester and Wirral Fanpage on Facebook.

So what do we offer?

North West Bus News (some of it comes to you first before anyone else!)
Up to date Fleetlists (With more to come very soon)
Links to over Websites (This Forum will have its own area on my homepage)
Blog Posts about Things that are going on in the area/s we cover
Photos of Buses
Video Clips of Buses
and much more....

We have Facebook Page for the Blog Site and for the Website (see our links page) all have 100 Likes or more! if you look at the home page you will see a coming soon area, this will be changed to advertise this blog site as good will as we would like to be able to help this forum expand and the Group members like what they see.

Give us a like on Facebook and Admins if we can help you in any way to get more people using this forum just give me a message and i will try your idea

(Link to Website in my Sig)

Think that covers everything, Enjoy!
Made a Update today as part of our slow expansion plan

The homepage has had a bit of an update with a link to this Forum added in hope it will attract Members from the North West (And the North East aswell!)

I updated the Fleetlist Page and added the following
Redkite (Based in St Helens, do Schools and Rail Replacements)
Peoplesbus (a firm based in Liverpool, do Schools along with a few *Special Services* and some Tendered Services)
Warrington Coachways (As it says on the tin a company based in Warrington, they do a lot of Coach work and School work however they do run a few Tendered Services and 2 None Tendered services

The D&G Fleetlist has been taken offline as they have renumbered the Fleet so the fleetlist just looked well out of date however it will return.

I have updated the Links page, Looks far better now.

That concludes my updates.
Blog Post posted regarding Impera Buses ceasing Trading

we are also looking into adding a Link to the Forum at the bottom of this Page aswell.
Liberating Again, Ex CMT, GTL And Stagecoach Gillmoss Wright Liberator Sold to JPT Buses of Manchester.

NEW WEBSITE: After Wix proved to be unsuitable for our needs we decided to disgin a new site with another Company, today i am Launching that Site after spending much of the last 3 Days working on it. I have Included North East Buses on the Home Page and Links page to try and get some of our traffic on here!

Link: http://www.i-m.co/2002BusGroup/2002busgroup/home.html
NEW BLOG POST: Arriva Bolton Service Changes 27/10/13

Will these Changes help get Transdev of Blackburn Road? Will the PM and his Campaign save Edgworths only Bus Route from getting Scrapped?

NEW BLOG POST! South Lancs Travel to Hit Arrivas 715 Service
NEW BLOG POST: A Day on JPT Buses of Manchester! (i even caught up with one of the Ex Go North East Palatines!)


May i also add theres always photos being uploaded to the Blogs Facebook page

Well an Update!

Its been a very Quiet November from us!

Our Most Popular Blog of November has to be one of my JPT Day Blogs


Another Blog Post has been updated, that being the Boxing Day Buses in Merseyside 2013 Blog Post, This Blog Post is comparing services to last year! We are also running a Poll on the Matter so please find the time to Vote!

NEW BLOG POST: JPT Day 30/11/13


I even managed to Ride and Photo one of the Ex Go North East Volvo Olympians!
I have uploaded the Photos i taken of The North West Vehicle Restore Trusts 80B service that ran on Boxing Day for Charity


Stagecoach Merseyside Trident 17176 on route 76


Have you used Peoplesbus 111 Service yet?

NEW POLL!!! (Even the North East Lads can vote on this)

Should Local PTE's and Councils Fund more Night Bus Services?

Fleetlist Update:

Arriva North West and Wales Fleetlist is brought up to date.

NEW BLOG POST!!! Route 76 Goodbye Stagecoach hello Arriva


Ace Travel embark on service 264 Huyton - Halewood!

I have been able to update the Arriva North West and Wales Fleetlist


An hour or Two in Darlington!

(16 Feb 2014, 1:05 pm)Y961 XBU Wrote: NEW BLOG POST!!!

An hour or Two in Darlington!


Some nice shots. Glad you enjoyed your trip over to the North East. Smile If you can get across early enough, it's definitely worth heading up into GNE heartland for a few photos!
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