cbma06   18 Mar 2015, 5:28 pm
Theres a programme on this Thursday (Tomorrow) at 20:30 on ITV, called "Double Decker Driving School", Fascinating series which follows the progress of some of the many applicants who apply for Arriva's six week training course to become a London Bus driver.

LeeCalder   19 Mar 2015, 7:36 am
I'm looking forward to watching this tonight
cbma06   19 Mar 2015, 8:27 am
Its a shame that its only 6 episodes with 30 minutes per episode, plus advert.

R852 PRG   19 Mar 2015, 8:34 pm
It's looking good so far! ALX400 fans will be catered for, they're the training vehicles!
Jimmi   19 Mar 2015, 8:38 pm
Damn I forgot, must watch this on ITV1 +1
S813 FVK   19 Mar 2015, 9:01 pm
Its fantastic - nobody should be complaining about poor driving after this series has finished...
neha   20 Mar 2020, 3:41 pm
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Andreos1   08 Nov 2023, 9:47 pm

I'm not going to create a new thread for the sake of it. 
But thought this the most relevant. 
It's an Arriva bus and there's a recording. So almost ITV.

Listen to that thrash!

'Illegitimis non carborundum'
BIG MICK STOKOE   09 Nov 2023, 7:26 pm
Clueless bairn posting that video. What buses in the last 20+ years divvent have a turbo. Nee buses I drove had em mind
Clifton Hignett III   09 Nov 2023, 8:42 pm
(09 Nov 2023, 7:26 pm)BIG MICK STOKOE wrote Clueless bairn posting that video. What buses in the last 20+ years divvent have a turbo. Nee buses I drove had em mind

Even in Pyongyang the owld knackered buses had turbos, marra.
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