Storx   13 Jul 2020, 1:29 pm
I don't want to sound a bore or an arse here but can we please have some rules on here to attempt to keep posts on topic.

Every thread lately dives in the same, Arriva run antique buses even the known the same posters have been told numerous times how Arriva's investment policy works and it's getting a little bit tedious. If it's not that then it's petty discussion about how people don't like the seats, NSA's don't work, Arriva is worse in some way all without substance to the original thread.

It's getting a bit boring having to scroll through pages on the same drivel so can we please have new rules on this and a thread or threads created somewhere where all the off topic posts get moved into it ie. Arriva Rants, X21 discussion, broken NSA's etc.

I'm sure some will agree with this, thank you.
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