Train8261   02 Mar 2022, 6:56 pm
Durham Fathers Day Rally confirmed date is 19th June
Train8261   16 Mar 2022, 10:38 am
Information on Durham rally

At Howlands Park and Ride site

This event will feature a selection of classic buses on display, trade stands and a free bus service between Howlands Park and Ride site and Durham City Centre

Details of the free bus service will be available nearer the time.

To travel to the event by public transport catch any bus service to Durham City Centre and catch the free bus service from outside the bus station to the site.
stagecoachbusdepot   19 Jun 2022, 9:56 pm
Bit underwhelmed by the offerings here today, other than the superb TWPTE open topper in Jubilee livery. For some reason felt a lot quieter than previous years though it may just have been the buses were better spaced. 838 and 1723 were both conspicuous by their absence, neither has been out since Covid having previously been stalwarts of the local rally scene - anyone know what's going on with them?
BusLoverMum   19 Jun 2022, 10:13 pm
We didn't arrive until after lunch but really enjoyed it. The shuttles were frequent and varied and some took their own routes, one passing our house on its way to Brasside.

I thought the buses were better laid out than in past years, too.

I did enjoy the silver jubilee open topper. Memories of a street party when I was 7 and working my way through a mug of sweets, washed down with cream soda and woodpecker sweet cider while my parents attended the adult part in the evening. My fair lady was on TV!
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