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RE: Bus incidents
Good to see GoNorthEast are doing their bit to promote people out of their cars by blocking the A1 Northbound near Blaydon down to one lane.

Noticed the Arriva E400 broken down near Gosforth Park aswell but least that was off the road.
RE: Bus incidents
(09 May 2024, 11:42 am)Chris 1 wrote I did see a video of what appeared to be a drag race with 5 (I think) GNE buses.  Looked to be people close by as well.  Aside from the idiocy of it all, I was surprised to see a B9 out drag an electric.

I would've put my house on a preserved Leyland or Volvo Olympian beating any of that line up! 

Agree there's a time & place and that was not clearly looking at it.