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RE: Teesside 500 Group
(26 Feb 2023, 2:45 pm)Lollist wrote Hello just wondering if anyone knows wherre Teesside 500 Groups depot is? And do you think they would let me look in 22061?

The 500 Group don't own their own site - the vehicles are stored within the shed known as Flowers within the Stagecoach Stockton depot on Portrack Lane. Unfortunately due to the many Health and Safety rules, visits to the vehicles aren't permitted apart from a select group of members who are in charge of maintaining the vehicles (certain circumstances for other members do apply - I myself have assisted in preparing the vehicles for the Open Day back in 2014).
RE: Teesside 500 Group
(26 Mar 2023, 7:34 pm)Charles41 wrote Are the 500 Group having their running day at the Transporter Bridge this year?


Due to ongoing work at the Transporter and the facilities closed down, we can't hold the event in its usual location. Attempts have been made to try and work out an alternative venue but at present, nobody has thought of anywhere suitable.