Adrian   05 Jan 2024, 5:41 pm
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Announcement - Directors Statement

After 14 years of occupying our current "home" in Felling, earlier today we received the phone call we all dread.....
Our landlord, Bizspace, has decided they will no longer be renewing our lease and are looking to take back possession. We have to leave the premises in Felling by 31st March 2024.

The reasons being given by the landlord is due to the current state of the roof (which the landlord has repeatedly ignored), and as such, turned our neighbours into making the decision to leave. This means that we will be the only occupants of the entire warehouse from the end of January.
We have tried to negotiate and plead, but alas, it falls on deaf ears. The only response we get now is..... "The board have made their decision to claim back the whole of T Block and then review our options sorry".

In 14 years our rent and bills have been paid on time, never ever late. Our concern now is where do we go with around 30 vehicles, both group and privately owned collectively - and that's without the tools, equipment, forklift truck and spare parts we have accumulated - all of which we are expected to be removed in less than 3 months.

If anyone can point us in the direction of somewhere suitable in the North East of England who could accommodate us please get in touch.
We have the largest collection of ex Tyne and Wear PTE/Busways service vehicles and we would like very much to keep them in the North East.

THV Directors

If anyone can help, please get in contact with them directly:

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