Adrian   11 Apr 2024, 2:45 pm
I was looking at this earlier, after spotting a tweet by Featham, and it'd sparked some interest.

Go North East appear to be solely contracted to run the 900 between Benton and North Shields. Today they appear to be running with 18 buses, broken down as follows:

6215, 6945, 6949, 6950


Percy Main
3995, 6113, 6131, 6134, 6135, 6142, 6168, 6171

6954, 6957, 6962, 6965


Whilst on the other hand, the 'Short Notice Journey Cancellations' list is back with a vengeance. Today alone, there's 43 journeys missing from the timetable. Percy Main, for example, has 19 of those journeys missing: (1: 2, 307: 3, 309: 3, 352: 3, 353: 2, 354: 1, 355: 5), whilst having 8 buses worth of work on Metro replacement. 

The Q3 also has 5 journeys missing, and I believe that is already contract work from Nexus, beyond St Peters basin. 

As we've been told previously, these journeys are only those notified in advance. I've spotted 3 myself today that didn't run and aren't on the list, so no doubt there'll be many others.

It's funny how quickly partnership work can go out the window, when there's the opportunity to make a quick buck doing some contract work, and you're able to neglect your normal services without fear of repercussion.

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V514DFT   12 Apr 2024, 12:26 pm
The 12:53 307 from North Shields appears to be missing, and the 13:13 307 from North Shields left 6 minutes late at 13:19, looks to be the 12:53 broken down on Waterville Road with an Engineer at the wheel, the one im on just past it
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