Dan   16 Apr 2014, 10:26 pm
To help 'clean up' this section of the forum, it was recently decided that we should categorise it into different regional sections.
This allows users to quickly find the thread that they are looking for, without having to trek through pages of threads.

They are categorised in a similar fashion to Traveline's categories, and are as follows:
- Scotland (S)
- Northern Ireland (NI)
- Cumbria & North Lancashire
- North West (NW)
- Yorkshire (Y)
- Cymru/Wales (W)
- West Midlands (WM)
- East Midlands (EM)
- East Anglia (EA)
- South West (SW)
- South East excluding London (SE)
- London (L)

We do have some miscellaneous threads which do not fit into a regional thread, and these have been left as standalone threads.
If in doubt of where to post - use your best judgement, it will probably be correct. If a moderator/administrator thinks it would be best suited elsewhere, they will move it for you.
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