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RE: Fleet Numbers
(06 Jul 2024, 10:01 pm)Unber43 wrote Whats the point of a 5 digit number, 4 works perfectly fine

Would assume they’ve bought some off the shelf software that requires 5 digits.

Most businesses would buy the software to suit them but I would guess the new owners might have existing arrangements
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RE: Fleet Numbers
(07 Jul 2024, 8:30 am)Ianthegoon wrote It may be they're introducing a national numbering scheme which would require the extra digit to cover whatever classification they're introducing across the board.

If it is A national numbering let's hope they do a decent job of it like Stagecoach did and not a botched job like first did or give up on it like Arriva did.
RE: Fleet Numbers
(06 Jul 2024, 10:45 pm)Unber43 wrote just add 1 or two zeros on to the beginning

Could you please explain how that would work in a national fleet numbering scheme? 

What would you do with 728, number it as 00728? Okay, but then what about the 728 in Oxford?
RE: Fleet Numbers
I never understand why they don't adopt the London numbering system instead it's much better than 5 numbers which then run out so you have blocks all over the place ie. the Enviro 400's with Stagecoach.

Much cleaner to have a 3 code class using letters then just number them numerically after that. So you might have WSD 1 for a Streetdeck, much cleaner than 34001 or whatever and they never run out.

It's a problem within GoNorthEast, never mind the whole company and is a problem with Stagecoach aswell with the E400's as mentioned above.
RE: Fleet Numbers
Rumour has it Go North East vehicles will have a 5 (or 50 for minis) added in front of their exsisting number. So for example......
730 - 50730.
3941 - 53941.
5525 - 55525.
6050 - 56050.
7142 - 57142.
8342 - 58342.

Apparently the vehicles would still change number if they would move to another fleet. So it remains to be seen if the vehicles are going to have these numbers applied or it's just going to be on paper / behind the scenes use only.
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