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Posted by: V514DFT
To transfer the September 2024 changes from the July 2024 changes thread
Posted by: Michael
Seen this on facebook:

Fare increase + children under 11 go free during the 6 weeks holidays.
Posted by: Kuyoyo
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the rebranding of Teesside Municipal Transport into Cleveland Transit - the forerunner of the present day Stagecoach on Teesside operation. In addition to this, it also marks the 30th anniversary of the purchase of Cleveland Transit Ltd by the Stagecoach Group in November 1994.

To celebrate this, I am delighted to announced that, to celebrate this anniversary, the Teesside 500 Group and Stagecoach will be opening Stockton depot to the public on Sunday 11th August between 10am and 4pm.
Posted by: Retro Nero
Apparently Go ahead are going to introduce a 5 digit fleet number system throughout the group. Watch this space!!!
Posted by: Lewispark1509

Thought I'd share this little free browser game I found online not to long ago. You can drive anywhere in the world as its a Google Map image and perfect for people who enjoy simulator driving games. I'd also like to share a fictional route I've made for when I play the game. [Best compatible with PC/Laptop, also compatible with consoles and some phones]
Posted by: ALavery
Is it just me or is this an increasing issue, whenever I travel with my mam who is a wheelchair user she never used to get refused unless there was another wheelchair on which is fair. Lately she’s been getting refused when there’s people with prams or buggy’s or as one driver said “the ramps not working” (this was on a 60 streetlite mind). I’ve had my fair share of quarrels with them now over the wheelchair passengers having priority by law and telling them to check the stickers in their own bus. I don’t know if this is due to improper training, lack of education, or full on ignorance and laziness. 

A quick question too, obviously the X10 E400s have 2 wheelchair spaces, one in the usual space and one on the other side, with a backing, and an accessible stop button. We have been refused on these a couple of times when there’s been a wheelchair user, already on and I’ve argued with the driver that there is two spaces. Im then being shown the capacity sticker on the front of the bus saying they can carry 1 wheelchair, if that’s the case why is there two? It’s misleading surely.

Sorry for ranting but i think it’s ridiculous.
Posted by: forster
7507 taken from Blyth depot this morning by Alpha.
Posted by: streetdeckfan
Christ, I think the Chronicle has less intrusive ads than NEB now!
Posted by: Unber43
I just wondered if anyone knows why the A690 and the A1 is both 50MPH in some stretch and not 70MPH?
Posted by: V514DFT
Just curious, how long has everybody been on this forum for?, for me it'll be 10 years this Thursday (20th June 2024)

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