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Posted by: cbma06
Since yesterday afternoon , I keep getting this message on Tapatalk when I access NEB forum: Tapatalk will not work on this forum before forum admin install and activate Tapatalk plugin on forum side

Has anybody else having trouble trying to view NEB on Tapatalk?
Posted by: streetdeckfan
After finally being arsed to take my driving test last week and passing first time, I thought I would borrow one of my mother's cars yesterday and see what all the fuss is about. 

Picked the car up in the morning and drove from Bishop to Stanley, had a mull about Clearance Bargains (there was nowt decent in obviously), called in for a coffee at my grandfather's, went round to IKEA for another few coffees and get a bit of work done, popped into the Metrocentre to get my £1 Caffe Nero (white chocolate mocha), then called round to Costco for a hotdog and to plug the car in for a bit of a charge.

After that I then called round to a friend's house for a catch up, but this is where it gets interesting. They finished work at 5:30, and if I'd got the bus I would have had to leave theirs at 7:45 to get back home, which would barely give enough time to put the kettle on. Instead I stayed at theirs until 11pm having played a few board games.

Now, would it have been cheaper using the bus? Of course, £6.80 for a day ticket is a bargain for my use case. The insurance cost me £20 (not bad for a one off), and it cost me nothing in electric as I charged it back up this morning for free at work, but even if I had to pay it would have only been maybe £2 in electric for the 90 or so miles I did.

Does this mean I'm going to stop using public transport? No, in fact for most journeys I think I'll still just use the bus, especially local ones, but since I'm fortunate enough to have a mother with 3 EVs, I can just steal one of them for the day and actually spend time with friends!
Posted by: Storx
Noticed these when trying to look at the comments for the GoNorthEast changes, some large changes including what seems to be meddling with the 22/23/24 again:

X26 (X27)
Darlington - Colburn
Revised Timetable

Durham - Esh Winning
Revised Timetable

Durham - New Brancepeth
Revised Timetable

X66 (X67)
Middlesbrough - Darlington
Revised Timetable

8 (8A)
Darlington - Ferryhill/Spennymoor
Revised Timetable

Arnison Centre - Sherburn Village
Revised Timetable

23 (23)
Hartlepool - Peterlee
Revised Route, Timetable and Terminal Point

Durham - Cockfield
Revised Timetable

Darlington - Faverdale
Revised Timetable

Durham - Stanhope
Revised Timetable

Darlington - Durham
Revised timetable

Darlington - Tow Law
Revised Timetable

5 (5A)
Middlesbrough - Easington/Lingdale
Revised Timetable

56 (56, 56A)
Durham - Bishop Auckland
Revised Timetable

Middlesbrough - Overfields
Revised Timetable

28 (28A, 28B)
Middlesbrough - Guisborough/Stokesley
Revised Route and Timetable

Middlesbrough - Nunthorpe
Revised Timetable

Roseworth - Ingleby Barwick
Revised Timetable

17 (17B, 17A)
Middlesbrough - Ingleby Barwick/Stockton
Revised Timetable

Durham - Sunderland
Revised Timetable

Durham - Hartlepool
Revised Route and Timetable

Skerne Park - Hummersknott
Revised Timetable

Swans Corner - Brambles Farm
Revised Timetable

20D6 (6)
Cockfield - Barnard Castle
Revised Timetable

P1 (P2)
Whitby Park and Ride - Whitby Park and Ride
Revised Timetable

49 (49A)
Durham - Brandon
Revised Timetable

Morpeth - Kingston Park via Newcastle Airport
Revised timetable
Posted by: Michael
So far only one but I would imagine they'll be more soon, with the NEXUS contracts.

Variation GO NORTH EAST LIMITED 700 (700) St Peter's Campus St Peter's Campus

Summer timetable ^
Posted by: Aaron21
Is there any date when they are released. I know quite a few bits of GCT work is in July 515 67/69 being 2 I can remember. Alongside the 99 by Gne
Posted by: stagecoachbusdepot
Couldn't see a way to post on the other thread on this topic - does anyone know that the current situation is with the THV accomodation issue?  The deadline for moving out of Felling has long since passed but haven't seen anything further about this and there's no update on their socials.  Hoping they managed to get something sorted.
Forum Bygone Era
Posted by: V514DFT
What would you do with the money used on cycling lanes?, and if its something different why?, now dont get heated, just a friendly debate, the art of conversation
So my choice is this, build cycle lanes thats fine, but then cyclists should have to pay road tax then no?, afterall its the roads that seem to take the brunt of new cycle lanes, and narrowing roads that were already congested at peak times (im looking at you there Rake Lane Roundabout), i'd rather see investment in better Transport rather than cycle lanes that are hardly (if ever) used
Posted by: LVK 404L
From Go Ahead Group Twitter Page 

Procters Coaches, Compass Royston. Esk Valley and Fourway Coaches will become part of the Go-Ahead Group and be managed by one of 
Procters Coaches, Compass Royston. Esk Valley and Fourway Coaches will become part of the Go-Ahead Group and be managed by one of our operators,
Posted by: Lewispark1509
I've noticed this morning that Percy Main had a 'little oopsie' moment and had a number of services running late, and some not running at all.

Whoever is running Percy Main depot (and the drivers) need a strong word but you'd be better off talking to a brick wall. I've listed all the buses this morning that ran late for no apparent reason and have sent them to Nexus. But then again, Nexus is just as bad as Go North East. If not, worse.

18A: Byker [M] - Longbenton
Due out of Byker Metro at 7:20 didn't run until 8:50 throughout.

317: Whitley Bay - Wallsend
6:43 to turn up half an hour late, BEHIND the 7:13 bus, resulted in the returning 7:57 trip from Whitley Bay not run from Whitley Bay to North Shields, with no bus to replace lost sections.

7:43 from Wallsend to WB commenced at North Shields Ferry Landing at 8:31, although due at 8:26. Tracking also shows it being buses first run of the day.

8:19 trip somehow got 30 minutes late and terminated at Percy Main. No bus to replace lost section onwards to Whitley Bay. Returning 9:27 trip to Wallsend was replaced, however, bus commenced at Malvern Road.

354: Newcastle - North Shields
6:29 trip out of Newcastle didn't commence until Silverlink.
Posted by: ASX_Terranova
Apologies if there is already a thread on this but I was curious about how much the operating costs are for a independent like JH or GCT. 
Alternatively if you were to just run the TB14, TB23, TB29 etc... would the operational costs be less or the same.

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