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Posted by: Stuartphin1639
I’ve noticed on bus times (I know it’s not reliable) that 1608 (NK67 EDU) has been sent for repaint into Journey Mark livery, does anyone know if all the rest follow suit
Posted by: Mark66t
Poor  1421 as been knackered by Stockton depot on the 5 at Easington

This was a decent Redcar Bus to
Posted by: LVK 404L
Anyone know if there is an issue with 10631? Tends to be allocated more often to the scholars and local town services as opposed to X34.
Posted by: WYBusSpotter
Hey all, hopefully this is ok to post here.

I spent sometime in Gateshead/ Newcastle this weekend for the first time in a while. I was doing some photography around the High Level Bridge area, and noticed X66s were once again running along the seemingly unnamed road by the side of the Tyne near Dunston/ Teams. I'm sure this had been closed for ages and buses had been routed via Askew Road (I know buses can go either way).

Two questions:

A: Does this particular bus-only road actually have a name?
B: When did it reopen/ why was it closed for a long while?

Posted by: DeltaMan
I was reading the manifesto of Kim McGuiness and one the things buried in there is a review of bus stops in the region to make them accessible to disabled people - A very noble aim.

Is this realistic though? There a load I can think of which are just a piece of hard standing and the geography means that is all that can be done. And then you have unmarked stops.

Are we inadvertently going to see the closure of some bus stops - which will actually reduce mobility?
Posted by: ASX_Terranova
Curious question, what would a luxury bus service look like. I was thinking of a luxury minibus/taxi but I'm not sure thats suitable for local work.
Posted by: Mark66t
Been show a photographer of 1573 Park up at Arriva Redcar depot dose anyone have any knowledge about it
Posted by: Mike_98
Tried looking for a thread for the stockton depot but couldn't find one so here we are.

Anyone know what is the SP SN (Spare Stockton Ticket machine) today on the 7?
Posted by: james solomon
Info is a bit sporadic online to compile a decent fleet list but here's is the start of one if anyone has any updates for them  Roberts Tours | Busncoachfleetlists Wiki | Fandom
Posted by: kieronmathews32
This has been confirmed as cancelled this year due to the Howlands Park & Ride site now open on Sundays for Park & Ride services to and from Durham City Centre.

North East Bus Preservation Trust confirmed it on their facebook page tonight.

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